Hōjicha (organic)



Organic Japanese Hojicha – 35 Serves – 60g

Tasting Notes
Roasted Chestnuts, Corn, Dandelion Root, Barley

Prepare water to 80° C. Add one level teaspoon of tea leaves per 500ml. Steep for 2 minutes minimum


Surrounding wildflowers create an enchanted frame for viewing the passing clouds, with a leafy patch of clover in place of a pillow. Tall spindles of poppies and anemones steady themselves against the summer breeze that has been cooled by the shade of towering evergreens and the sparkling, ebullient brook that runs alongside the house. Tumbling vine leaves spill from the gables to the stone steps, enfolding the patio’s dark supporting beams that have lasted generations. Less can be said for the paper screens which, left to rest halfway, slide much less smoothly. A bee has seized the opportunity to explore the tearoom, moving from the marigolds to the pot of hōjicha. Evidently, the tea’s nectar is tantamount to the offerings of the chestnut blossoms outside. Perhaps it’s worth rising from the flowerbed to share a cup of tea in the company of such a tiny but discerning palate.


Additional information
Weight 100 g