Green tea, mint, plant-based flavour. Hand blended in New Farm by Tour de Tea

Tasting Notes
Sweet mint, grass, butter.

Prepare water to 80ยฐ C. Add one level teaspoon of tea leaves per 500ml. Steep for 2 minutes minimum


Across a horizon of spectral opposites, finger waved dunes in hues of saffron sit against an expanse of turquoise sky. An oasis lies amidst the scorching sands, its very existence a realm of contradictions. Within a retreat built from earth and mud stands an ornate silver pot surrounded by coloured glasses. Through a window of iron filigree, the unexpected centrepieces catch the final rays of a dying sun. Strength and fragility intertwine as the room fills with the scent of sweet mint and astringent tea. Heat emanates from the baked walls – a testament to the relentless embrace of the sun. Verdant fresh mint will breathe life and vitality into the drinker, despite the piping hot brew. As a crescent moon rises, the tea cascades from a spectacular height. In a ceremony where the boundaries between imperial silk hemlines and dirt floors are blurred, a cup of contrasts fulfils a legacy of harmonious dualities.


Additional information
Weight 100 g