New Farm’s own loose-leaf boutique Tour de Tea is run by sisters Amy and Hannah. Amy began working in the tea industry in Melbourne, back in 2008. Over countless pots of tea, she spent many years exploring the tea cultures of Melbourne and Paris. Wanting to share her love of tea with those closest to her, Amy encouraged Hannah to pursue her own career in tea. Hannah too, fell in love with working in the world of loose leaf tea and spent over 4 years in Queensland’s tea industry. Together they wistfully dreamed of one day creating the perfect sanctuary for tea lovers in Brisbane.

In 2018 the stars aligned and Tour de Tea opened its doors, welcoming tea lovers of all kinds to stop by and be reminded of tea’s place in today’s society. Dedicated to improving sustainability in the tea industry, Tour de Tea is the first tea store to offer zero waste options for customers, and reusable tasting cups instore (high quality tea is wasted in paper cups anyway). Since opening, Hannah and Amy have been passionate about fostering Brisbane’s growing tea culture, collaborating with Tea Masters and local workshop businesses and Brisbane Cafes/Restaurants to help spread the word – loose leaf tea is here to stay.

“Opening our own tea store that celebrates Brisbane has been our dream for many years. Before we began our work in the tea world, we always found solace by surrounding ourselves with cups of tea, plants and books – the most simple forms of comfort and joy. Tour de Tea is a space for like-minded souls who can treat us as their sanctuary.”

The Loose Leaf Emporium was designed to offer Brisbane tea drinkers a more bespoke experience. Tour de Tea offers over 60 varieties of artisanal tea, each hand packaged by Amy and Hannah with its own specific story of it’s place – many drawing upon familiar aspects of Brisbane’s scenery and culture. The store itself is built from recycled materials including the doors and windows of an old Queenslander home.

'Tea from across the globe and close to home.'

Tour de Tea

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