Crème de Menthe (organic)



Organic Peppermint, Liquorice Root and Fennel Seeds. 35 serves – 70g.

Tasting Notes
Sweet Peppermint, Wood, Honey

Prepare water of 100° C. Add one heaped teaspoon of tea leaves per 500ml. Steep for 3 minutes minimum or up to 10 for a very sweet infusion.

Hand blended in New Farm By Tour de Tea.

Liquorice root is not recommended for those with hypertension.


As the orchestra tunes up, the hurried knocks of pointe shoes echo upon timeworn floorboards through the halls of the Paris Opera. Behind the immense curtains, a figure in a sweeping gown of emerald sequins rests, head in hands, before her glowing mirror. With only minutes to spare, a well-rehearsed cure of mint and liquorice root arrives in a goblet upon a silver tray. After a soothing sip the Prima Donna gives a sigh of relief and smiles, safe in the knowledge that the age-old tradition will be upheld; the show must indeed go on.


Additional information
Weight 100 g