Les Jardins



Green tea, plant-based flavour, fruit pieces. Hand blended in New Farm by Tour de Tea. 35 Serves – 70g

Tasting Notes
Violet, fuchsia, poppy, marshmallow

Prepare water of 80° C. Add one teaspoon of tea leaves per 500ml. Steep for 2 minutes



The instructions seemed clear: ‘Meet in the gardens to deliver the finest marshmallows of Paris’. They come from the old lolly store with towering glass chalices filled with bars of pastel pillows in aqua, fuchsia, and cerise. Light and inimitable, they were reminiscent of the tea served at the perfumery that pulled florals from the air with every sip. The orders were to head ‘beyond the fountain’, but that really doesn’t narrow it down. It certainly wasn’t the children’s park with the magnificently tall roses. A second package, coyly purchased for travelling consumption, will cushion the journey. The gravel pathways are bordered by tenacious poppies and violets whose fragrance inspire a navigational breakthrough: ‘The Louvre. The Goats. The Fountain with the Boats’. There are simply so many gardens in Paris – it is a terribly wonderful predicament.


Additional information
Weight 100 g

Tea Box – 35 Serves, 300g Refill