Buttercorn Pu-erh.



Puerh Tea, Chinese Herb. 10 mini-toucha

Tasting Notes
Corn, Earth, Butter

Prepare water to 100° C. Add a quarter to half a puerh cake per 500ml. Steep for at least 2 minutes.


The glass of the window has frosted with age, obscuring the curios within. There is an entire wall of lacquered ebony music boxes; their hand-painted gilding gleams however faded velvet inlays and stilted, dissonant melodies betray a notable passage of time. Behind them is a tiny room with rows of carved mahogany chairs. They’ve a uniformed assembly which excites a quiet anticipation. With the turn of a switch, everything is ensconced in darkness. The mechanical purr of an old projector fills the silence as a flickering beam of light reveals the lethargic levitation of drifting dust particles. A tiny clay teapot beckons a seat on the aisle. An old paper screen illuminates and the shadow play commences. Minutes become hours, lost to a cup of earthy tea and the myths and legends of the east.


Additional information
Weight 100 g