Blue Mountain


Sri Lanka, China

Black Tea, Cornflower, Plant-Based Flavour. 35 serves – 75g

Tasting Notes
Floral, Vanilla, Summer Fruits

Prepare water to 90° C. Add one heaped teaspoon of tea leaves per 500ml. Steep for 2 minutes minimum

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Grey and awash, the sound of wet traffic heralds unwavering routines, unbroken and defiant in the face of dreary weather fronts. Against the busy window scene is a posy of restful cornflowers, symbolising the merits of introversion in cool shades of indigo. The weather proposes a gloriously miserable day of unencumbered solitude while, set on a warmer, a full pot of velvety, fragrant tea ensures its fulfilment.


Additional information
Weight 100 g