Workshop FAQ

What will I leave with?
You will leave with several pieces of work, having experimented and refined a specific art technique taught at the evening’s workshop. This may be on parchment or canvas, depending on the medium. All attendees will also have the chance to leave with a box of their favourite tea from the nightโ€™s tastings, with a free raffle running throughout the course of the evening.

Do I need to bring anything?
All art materials and aprons are supplied. Please check the details for the specific workshop currently listed. There will be information here regarding the venue, whether itโ€™s BYO, and food options.

Do you do corporate team-building events?
Yes! Please contact us at and let us know your staffing numbers so we can provide you a quote.

Is it all ages?
While our workshop is friendly for all ages, some of our locations are 18+ licensed venues. Please check the listing.

Do you do private workshops for functions?
Yes โ€“ providing the function is held in a specific function space (not residential). Feel free to send inquiries to with details about your plans, including the type of event, number of prospective guests and venue location.