Champagne Formosa



Taiwanese Dongfang Meiren (Oriental Beauty) 50g

Tasting Notes
Honey, Rose, Orchid, Stone fruit

Prepare water of 80° C. Add one teaspoon per 500ml. Steep for at least 2 minutes.


Dusk shifts into the dead of night as the pastel shades of afternoon recede into deep violets and midnight blues. Moonlight catches on forming dewdrops and the entire field glimmers. Emerging from the safety of the shadows, a procession of miniscule creatures ripple a gentle disturbance across the mystical nocturne.  The newest leaves are sought and a polite drink is permitted under a carpet of stars. When the leaves are later steeped, crystal notes of silken champagne and earth are enigmatically present. Their presence is a mystery to all but the quiet audience of the moon.


Additional information
Weight 100 g