Paint & Sip – The Art of Teatotalling

Pot. Palette. Purpose.

paint & sip workshop


Indulge in an enchanting experience that trades on the existing harmony of artistic expression and the ritual of tea.
This exclusive workshop is the first of its kind, pioneered by Tour de Tea, in collaboration with artist and author Clare McFadden.

The Evening

In the gentle ambience of Tour de Tea’s ‘Paint & Sip’ workshop, immerse yourself in a realm of understated elegance – where tea takes centre stage alongside a lesson in fine art.

Guiding you through the world of tea is Hannah Little, a Brisbane Tea Specialist. With over a decade of industry expertise and passion, she will deliver tea tasting with a series of micro-lectures throughout the evening – introducing you to an array of beautiful teas, discussing their nuances and helping you build your palette. Alongside Hannah is Clare McFadden, an accomplished artist, author, and illustrator. Under Clare’s guidance, you will discover select artistic techniques which ensure you can leave the workshop with a new set of skills and appreciation.

‘A magical workshop where the intertwining of art and tea offers an experience that transcends the ordinary.’

The Even Lovelier Bit

Your participation in this workshop goes well beyond personal joy. It becomes a catalyst for positive change and connection within our community. Paint & Sip: The Art of Teatotalling aims to provide enrichment and dignity to those who may not have easy access to such experiences. The ethos behind creating The Art of Teatotalling was, first and foremost, to foster a harmonious blend of creativity and compassion – improving quality of life in aged-care homes, women’s shelters, prisons, and youth centres. Through Tour de Tea’s commitment as a social enterprise, proceeds from public workshops are reinvested to provide The Art of Teatotalling  as a free service within these communities.

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