Milky Oolong 50g


Mingjian, Nantou County, Taiwan

Taiwanese Milky Oolong Scented Tea

Tasting Notes
Butter, Creamy, Nutty

Prepare water to 85° C. Add half a teaspoon of leaves per 500ml. Steep for 2 minutes minimum

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Camouflaged among gleaming succulents stands an intriguing glass house. Thoroughly apathetic to those who cross his path, a stout, grey cat entitles himself to the land as though it were his ancestral home – though it isn’t. He has many different aliases but it’s his state of dispassionate indifference which makes him instantly recognisable upon mention. Locals compare encounters over cups of milky oolong tea – its creaminess worthy of a regal feline. Once or twice a quick pat was tolerated (perhaps even clandestinely enjoyed), but that was the extent of his benevolence. Of late the yard has been empty; the glass reflects a lonely scene. A solemn condolence now replaces curiosity when passing that strange glass house with the shining jade plants.


Additional information
Weight 100 g